A powerful partnership: Oyster’s new electricity provider

6 November 2023   /   2 min read

As a future-focused business, Oyster is committed to delivering on our sustainability goals, both to establish our position as a landlord of choice and to continue to maximise value for our investors.

Our new partnership with 100% renewable electricity retailer Ecotricity brings us a step closer to reaching our targets.

Fabio Pagano – Oyster’s General Manager – Property, says the team was looking for an electricity partner that could not only offer the best price in the market, but could also help deliver on Oyster’s long-term sustainability goals.

“Having a partner that offers both competitive pricing and excellent sustainability credentials that benefits our tenants and investors was paramount to us,” he says.

“During the RFP, Ecotricity went above and beyond to demonstrate their value. We see immense opportunity to leverage their knowledge across all our portfolios.”

Providing sustainable electricity to most of our tenants is just the beginning of how Oyster and Ecotricity will work together, with other initiatives like EV charging stations and solar power set to follow, Fabio says.

Ecotricity is New Zealand’s only Toitū climate positive certified electricity provider and has just hit its 10-year milestone.

Josephine Rudkin-Binks from Ecotricity says now is the right time to be growing its services through partnerships with quality landlords like Oyster.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Ecotricity,” Josephine says.

“Oyster’s sustainability roadmap strongly aligns with our values and offerings.

“We’re looking forward to a long-term partnership and helping to drive sustainable outcomes across their portfolio and for the benefit of Aotearoa.”

The partnership is one of several initiatives underway to drive substantial change in the way Oyster manages its assets to reduce its overall carbon footprint, particularly around scope two and scope three emissions.

Fabio says the team has had great feedback from lending partners on these following the release of Oyster’s first sustainability report.

“There is a real opportunity to reduce debt and risk through achieving a more sustainable portfolio, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for our investors,” he says.

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