Property syndication is an effective and affordable way to invest in high quality commercial and industrial real estate without any of the hassle of day to day property management matters.

Oyster property syndications are predominantly structured as Proportionate Ownership Schemes where a trustee holds the title to the property on behalf of each investor on a proportionate basis. The day to day management and maintenance of the property is managed on behalf of the investors by Oyster Management. There are no pre-set limits to the numbers of investors. The number of investors is generally determined by the equity required to purchase the property, divided by the value of each interest being offered. Oyster’s unit prices are typically $50,000 and investors are able to purchase more than one unit in the property. Each unit of the property holds its own title and each syndicate is closed to new investment once a maximum subscription level is achieved. Once the purchase is complete, Oyster is responsible for the day to day management, accounting and administrative tasks relating to the property, as well as the distribution of income to investors.

Offering above-average cash returns paid to investors on a monthly basis, and with the relative security of proportional ownership of direct, high quality commercial property assets, syndications are an effective investment tool for investors’ portfolios. Investors are kept updated on their investment with quarterly reports, investor newsletters and annual meetings.

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