James Molloy colour Oct 2017
Oyster Group Head of Transactions James Molloy

Oyster Group’s Head of Transactions James Molloy has proven to be a winner at the second annual Auckland Property People Awards.

Held on 27 October, the annual Awards recognise teams and individuals whose performance has demonstrated outstanding thinking or practice.

James was presented with the GreensceneNZ Sheree Cooney Memorial Award - Young Achiever of the Year, fending off tough competition from five other top industry candidates.

The Award is given to a person, aged under 35 or who has been in the industry for less than five years. Nominees for the Award who are drawn from any sector within the property industry, need to have demonstrated outstanding performance in property through their contribution to their organisation and/or the property industry.

In announcing the Award, the judging panel commented that James’ nomination was ‘extremely impressive’. The judges said he displayed characteristics of a great leader and anticipate that he will grow further to become an exceptionally powerful player within the property industry.

James is ambitious, has a desire to improve and has actively given back to the industry on numerous occasions. He is also self-motivated which has enabled him to follow a career path in the direction of his choosing and led to very successful start to his property career. 

Auckland branch president Phil Eaton says this year’s nominations highlighted the evolution of the property industry from focusing on individual projects to developing cohesive, practical and future-proof urban design outcomes within a challenging environment.

Award Winner James Molloy and colleagues from Oyster Group
Auckland Property People Awards winner James Molloy receives his Award cheered on by his Oyster colleagues

“Those working in the property industry are juggling increasingly complex, fast-moving and interconnected issues such as affordability, seismic engineering and evolving technology within a regulatory, construction and a funding system that hasn’t changed much since the 1980s,” Mr Eaton says.

“The industry is responding to those challenges with an increasing breadth of disciplines, thinking and processes to develop flexible and cost-effective solutions to build communities that will be accessible, safe and attractive both now and into the future.”

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